Endian Community Firewall

Today I got to play with pretty cool open source firewall called Endian Community (http://www.endian.com/en/community/).It’s a UTM distro based on RHEL that configures via a pretty slick web interface. Endian is loaded down with a ton of features including: Iptables firewall, Snort IDS/IPS, Squid proxy, Dansguardian content filtering, ClamAV virus protection for proxy, VPN, SpamAssassin Spam Filter, nTop traffic graphs, and on an on.

As the needs of my project were pretty simple, I’m not using most of those features. However, the parts that I have configured, namely the Iptables firewall and Squid proxy, were pretty easy and straightforward to get going. So if you’re looking for a decent UTM appliance and have some old hardware laying around, you may want to give Endian Community a shot.