Through some colleagues of mine, I recently discovered a new monitoring and management tool called Amon. Amon is the full time project of one Martin Rusev and is shaping up to be a fantastic tool. Martin has been kind enough to provide me with a hosted instance of Amon to mess around with and do some testing on for the last several weeks. I've found that it provides a very clean and easy to use interface for viewing the current status of nodes, allows easy creation of new dashboards from within the web interface, and comes with several plugins to pull metrics aside from load and disk utilization, which are already there by default.

"But my network monitoring system already has all of that", you might say. The key differentiator to me is that Amon also utilizes the SaltStack remote execution engine for running commands and even scripts on nodes/minions. And, on the roadmap is a feature that will add the ability to execute state files from within Amon.

I'm not quite familiar enough with it to drop Nagios, but the more I play with Amon, the more I want to deploy it into my environments. Oh and as a followup to last weeks post, Amon also supports PushOver as well as host of other notification methods.

If you're in Ops and using SaltStack, contact Martin to give Amon a try.